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2023 Recreational Softball

Recreational Softball

Registration closed

Widget Softball (Pre-K & K) 

This is a Special Beginner Program designed just for little ones born after January 1, 2018. 

There are a few changes to our Softball Widget Division this year. Our intent is to consistently re-evaluate our program to make it fun and impactful for our players, coaches, and parents.  

  • The first two weeks of our season will be organized practices with all teams indoors learning basic skills with consistent drills across all teams. 
  • Games and practices will be combined.
    • 30-minute practice followed by 2-3 innings of gameplay.
  • We will be set up as a t-ball to develop kid's skills. All innings are hitting off the tee.  No coach pitch. We hope this will improve the pace of play and will get kids more involved in the field. Coaches are still encouraged to incorporate coach pitch into practice time. 
  • Every player bats every inning. 
  • Players will play all positions

Fast-Pitch Softball    

Orland Park Recreational Fast-Pitch Softball is played during the Spring Season and is our largest sport.  The Divisions range from Pre-K through 9th Grade.  Registration begins on or about February 1st.  This is a Recreational Program.  A Recreational player may not be a member of a Travel and/or Club Fast-Pitch Softball team and must play in the OYA Recreational Program.

Our Focus

Our program is focused on developing basic softball skills from beginner to intermediate. Most importantly we look to foster a love for the game of softball and for competition.

Our Program

Training begins in April and is held at our indoor training facility and the Sportplex until the weather gets warmer. The season includes 10-12 games plus play-offs ending mid-June. Most games are played in Orland Park. (Some older age levels may have some light travel to nearby towns.)

Coaching and Development

Considering our organization is run by all volunteers, we ask you to to join us either by being part of the OYA Girls Softball Committee or by coaching one of our teams. This is great way to spend time with your daughter and give back to your community. Our coaches are provided with direction where necessary. Coaches complete a background check and commit to a Code of Conduct.


Helmets - Player provides their own helmet (helmet must be black with facemask attached)

Cleats – Players provide their own plastic cleats. No Metal Cleats.

Face Mask – Players provide their own face mask. Mask must be worn by all players during all practices and games.

Fielding Glove – Player provides their own glove. 




Widget " Pre-K and K" Resident 100.00
Widget " Pre-K and K" Non-Resident 165.00

8U,10U,12U and 15U Resident 200.00
8U,10U,12U and 15U Non-Resident 275.00

All Fees included 

Softball Umpires Needed

Offering competitive pay. 

Email us at 

Lightning Travel Basketball

OYA Travel Lightning Basketball

Recreational Basketball

Winter Recreational Girls Program


Fall Recreational Girls Program

Fast Pitch Softball

Spring & Summer Recreational Girls Program

The O.Y.A. Girls Program

The OYA Girls Program is a Non-Profit organization designed to provide young girls of Orland Park the opportunity to play ball. We are the largest girls recreational program in the state of Illinois.  We have three different sports programs - Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball.  Because of the size of our organization, we continue to pull in girls from Orland and the surrounding suburbs. 

The OYA Girls Program is an in-house Recreational League and is most focused on the instruction of the game.  Although this is an instructional league, the girls always put forth efforts that create some very competitive games, especially as they learn and develop their skills.

The OYA Girls Program is run by volunteers and is supported by both the participants and donations from businesses in and around Orland Park.

We welcome and encourage your involvement.  To participate with any of our programs, or offer support to the program, please contact us at

Important Spring '23 Softball Dates

Draft - 3/21

Indoor practices - week of 4/10

Outdoor practices - week of 4/24

Games start - week of 5/8

OYA Girls Softball Family Picnic  - 6/3

Games finish - week of 6/9


Dick's Sporting Goods

Aileen S. Andrew Foundation


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OYA Girls Sports Organmization